Paula Erlene could easily be considered the “Queen of female Yodelers” today because of her versatility and many appearances.

She recently returned from a South Korea engagement where she was the main event among 2,000 other international yodelers.

Paula is a Six-Time National Female Yodeling Champion. She won the Silver Medal at the Patsy Montana Yodeling Contest in 2004 and the Gold Medal in 2009. As a member of Western Music Association, she has won their Female Yodeling Championship for 2003, 2005 and 2013. She also won The Mid-America’s National Talent Idol Search in 2005.

Paula appeared with Joan Cusack on US Cellular’s national commercial, yodeling for her kids to come home,  She made another commercial where she also yodeled, winning “Bingo” for Casino Arizona in Phoenix where she was dubbed as “Arizona’s Best Yodeler”.

While performing as a top versatile female singer in Branson, Missouri, she appeared every Sunday with Pretty Miss Norma Jean from Nashville at the Cowboy Church.  She also performed as a tribute artist to Patsy Cline in the “Hank and Patsy Revisited Show”.  She now performs  her new show, “From Patsy To Patsy.” where she dresses as Patsy Montana and yodels your socks off!  During the Second half she dresses as Patsy Cline and performs her most beloved hits. Her husband-show partner, Ermal provides the narration.

Paula has performed with Ermal in the John Wayne Show for over ten years, and is presently performing in the “John Wayne Show”, bringing some of her original and classic western yodeling songs.  Ermal as John Wayne is the show, but Paula Erlene is the ‘icing on the cake’!  You are guaranteed a sizzling performance by Paula; one you will never forget!

  • For information, you may call Paula Erlene – America’s Yodeling Sweetheart – at 417-598-0088