Live in Branson!


Starring Paula Erlene as Patsy Montana and Patsy Cline... with Ermal Williamson (John Wayne look-alike and impersonator) as host.

Live at The Branson Hot Hits Theater - 206 Commercial St. in Downtown Branson, Missouri. Don't miss it!

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The Patsy to Patsy Show is “A ONE-OF-A-KIND SHOW” 

The art of yodeling is what reigned as a large part of developing the Midwest but over the years has all but disappeared.  It has now come back in a one-woman show at the Branson Hot Hits Theater in Downtown Branson called, “The Patsy to Patsy Show” staring Paula Erlene with the widely acclaimed John Wayne look-alike and impersonator Ermal Williamson who acts as the host of the show.

Through research by Paula and Ermal, it is to be noted that without Patsy Montana, there most assuredly would never have been a Patsy Cline.  “The Cline”, as she was dubbed early in her career, had attended some of Patsy Montana’s performances and captured her first name for her own stage name.  As a fan of Patsy Montana,  she sketched her costumes and had her mother sew them for her to use for her own appearances.  The great performer Patsy Montana had become a “super star” to thousands of people long before the word ever existed.

In the first act of the Patsy to Patsy show, Paula Erlene portrays in music and vignettes the life story of  Patsy Montana, an Ozarkian super yodeling star of her era ‘30’s through the ‘50’s  She became the first female country  singer to have written and sold one-million copies of her recording, “I Wanna be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart” which rose to the top of the music charts across America.  Once a year, she was invited and performed  in England, making it her signature song. 

In the second act, Paula portrays the life story of musical icon Patsy Cline, with music that has lasted throughout the twentieth and now into the twenty-first century.  It is with the Patsy Cline name that draws the audience’s attention to want to see the show.  The people are impressed with Paula’s talents as they are enraptured with the story of both Patsy’s and their love for music – the music that has captured audiences in reverential love and appreciation.

Paula is an eight-time national and international champion yodeler, having performed across America, and recently in South Korea, to over a thousand young yodelers.  She has the unique ability to bring about the voices of both Patsy’s.  This is the first-time presentation of the two Patsy’s back-to-back ever in one show, and Paula has shown the audience that yodeling, and pop music can make for a “fantastic show”, one that is well-worth seeing while in Branson.

Ermal Williamson, the award winner for “Best Impersonator” in Las Vegas, is the author of his biographical novel about Harold Bell Wright, the man who helped put the Ozarks on the map with his critically acclaimed novel, “The Shepherd of the Hills”.